Your Boxer Briefs

My blog wasn’t embarrassing until boys from school looked at it today.

Posted: 1 month ago
My calculus teacher is better than yours

My posts were sub par tonight because I was at Karl’s pretending to not have a good time

I’m so in love with you and not just because it’s a half an hour after valentines day but just because all the time

I’m too embarrassed to reblog naked people on my friends wifi

I mope this much every Friday night this is nothing new

coulda sworn that i was yours


why hasnt my life turned into a romcom yet

high school is almost over and im running out of time for it to be a high school love romcom like juno and then ill only have four years to make it a college love story and then after that i mean i guess i could be like jennifer aniston and have an ‘im in my late 20s-30s’ type (i think she did that for awhile) and then it turns into the ‘im 40 years old and this is getting pathetic’ type of romcom i cant have that. like sure they make movies about that but actresses at age 45 are hotter than i am at 17. arent i supposed to peak at 17 or something.

why hasnt my life turned into a romcom yet

***welcome to the weekly, “I ball my eyes out over Karl and cry over that 20 seconds of my life” show***
*and then we can all feel bad for me because I can blame it on drugs and alcohol and now promise to not use those because they destroyed things to important to me but it doesn’t matter anymore because I already destroyed them. I really need a drink right now*